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DNA Sequencing by Wyzer Biosciences:
First Time User: Short Manual

Wyzer Biosciences since its inception in 2011 is constantly expanding services in DNA sequencing and other areas. We aim to be a full service molecular biology company that serves as a collaborator to our industrial and academy partners.

Currently, we provide services in Sanger and NGS DNA sequencing and DNA preparation from bacterial cultures. In order to become a customer, please register on our website by clicking on Register as New User or on top of each page. Fill in the required information, and you are ready to place your first order.

  1. Using menu Orders, choose the order type: Sanger, DNA Prep or NGS order that you want to place and click on the corresponding My Orders option. It will bring you to the page where all your orders of the selected type will be accumulated for easy access later.
  2. Every order type has its own set of pages where the required infromation is to be entered. Some orders can also be imported into the system using special templates that are available upon request. Floating screens accessible by hovering on the contain information to help entering data correctly. You can always ask additional questions using a contact form or by phone.
  3. If an order that you want to place does not fall into one of the defined categories (e.g., you need to fractionate DNA using Pippin Prep), please go to Orders -> My NGS Orders, select Other Order tab and enter information of your request there in the free form. You can also upload a file with the order description there.
  4. With all orders, after filling the information pages, there is a possibility to edit them before submission. You can specify additional instructions in your own words. After clicking on the blue Submit button, no more changes are allowed and all last-minute unforseen amendments must be communicated by e-mail to info@wyzerbio.com.
  5. Once your order is completed, you will be notified by e-mail, and you can download your data and reports using a special link that will appear on the corresponding My Orders page in your account.
  6. Turnaround time for Sanger sequencing orders that do not require cultures is usually 24 hours or less; DNA Preps of a large scale require 1-3 days; NGS orders are usually fulfilled within 7-14 days.
  7. To see a specific order or a list of all your orders placed within a certain time frame, go to Orders->Search My Orders menu option. You can also limit the list to a specified order type.