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"You guys are awesome!! I can't believe you did 4 plates in less than 24 hours AND contiged the data. Thank you so much again and we really appreciate it. Thank you,"

-- From Jessica Min-D


"I just read the results, and some of the samples are the mutants that I was expecting. Again, thank you so much for the work. I am very happy with the sequencing service you provided. \n Cheers,"

-- Lu G


"Thanks so much for your help. You have been a great help."

-- Doug L


"Thanks for the nice data. Wow editing these SSI vector sequences is really brain damaging!...... I wanted to really see how all the primers fit in when sequencing the SSI vectors with the repeat sequences, and I understand it now but really time consuming. Thanks again for data"

-- Mike G


"Thanks. I appreciate your care and adherence to high standards.
Have a nice weekend."

-- Eran


"Wow!!!! That was amazingly fast!!!!
As always, thank you "

-- Sadhana J


"Thank you so much for your efforts and great data! The data looks good. It really helps us to pick up clones.
Keep in touch. And looking forward for future works."

-- Lucy L


"Hi, Tony; Good news and suggestions. Your high quality work earned our trust in you. Thanks a lot!"

-- Yiding Y


"You've got to be kidding?! Tony, did you pull an all-nighter to get this done so fast? I sincerely hope that you didn't... THANKS SO MUCH - YOU GUYS ROCK!!"

-- Kerstin C


"Hi, Jan; as I tell everyone, you are the best in the business!"

-- Paul W


"Thanks Heather! I would like to add. These sequencing reads through the ITR hairpins are fantastic! Thanks,"

-- Jeff J


"Thanks, Tony! I am pleasantly surprised that I am getting sequencing results even on a Sunday! Thanks."

-- Andre S


"Awesome, that was quick turnaround and helps me a lot, thank you very much Tony."

-- Weili D


"Thank you so much Tony! Highly appreciate your help with this."

-- Kalpanie B


"Thanks so much for the full analysis. I always appreciate your superb quality work. Thank you!"

-- Shuji S


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