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Company Information

Wyzer Biosciences, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2011 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the home of many world-class educational and biotech institutions including Harvard and MIT. We serve our partners and collaborators in the biopharmaceutical industry and in academia. Over the years, we have perfected all stages of the Sanger sequencing workflow and are particularly well-equipped to deal with any types of difficult templates. Our strength is fast and reliable double-stranded sequence finishing, which includes primer design, contig assembly, and data analysis. We also prepare quality DNA on all scales. As our company grows, we now offer Next Gen Sequencing

We are nimble to adapt to our clients' changing needs. Our expertise in Sanger DNA sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing, and DNA preparation makes our company ideally suited for solving our partners' simple and complex sequencing needs on time and with competitive pricing.

Our Commitment

With our experience, in-house services, and continuing refinement of our techniques, we hope to become your most trusted and accommodating service provider, delivering perfect sequence data and quality DNA materials each and every time.